House Renovation

A house renovation is no easy undertaking  You’re taking your current layout and changing a large portion of it.  The thought of changing everything that you’ve been accustomed to living with can be overwhelming.  That shouldn’t scare you away from doing it though.  At Henn & Nardini Contracting we make the experience not only comfortable, and exciting, but also fun.  From our first meeting to discuss the planning, to coming up with blueprints, and graphic designs to show our clients exactly what it’s going to look like process is enjoyable, not only to us but for our clients also.  If you’ve been contemplating renovating your house, please contact us through our contact form, or call us…we would love to assist you in your project.

The Process

Depending on the size of the house renovation, and the time it takes to get some of the materials in (such as cabinets, special order vanities, etc) the house renovation process can be quick and painful.  The co-ordination of the other trades can play a big part of this also.  We take pride in a very tight co-ordination schedule to get the home owner back into the house, and to help us get the job done in quick prompt manner.


House renovations can add a LOT of value to your house and/or add significant equity.  Not just when you sell your house, but also when you’re living in it.  Think about the mental relief you feel after walking into a newly renovated house compared to where you’re at now.  Think about all the money you’ll be saving with new insulation, new drywall, new windows, new doors, more efficient appliances and/or mechanical equipment (hot water heater, etc).