Finished Basements

Normally known as a “man cave”, basements can be a multi-faceted part of your home.  However we have turned basements into many other rooms than so.  From offices, man caves, family rooms, kinds play areas, living space, game rooms, theatres, wine cellars, to bar areas, the options are virtually limitless.  We consider basements an exciting project to take on, so please contact us if you’re considering finally finishing, or re-doing your basement.

The Process:

Depending on your goals of finishing or renovating your basement, the turn around time can vary, as with MOST construction projects.  The good thing about basements is that it’s normally noninvasive compared to your kitchen or bathroom being gutted for an amount of time.  We treat basements just like other projects, sitting down with the client and getting and idea of the purpose of the basement.  We show them previous basements that we’ve done to give them ideas, and have them show us some basements that they thought will fit their needs.  As with every other project we create a graphic design to show the client what their basement will look like.  From there it’s off and running.  Before you know it you’re spending time with the family in your theatre, bar, game room, or entertainment basement!


Have fun with these projects and construct the project to YOUR liking.  You will be spending the time here, so go out on a limb and do something out of the normal.  Also keep in mind, most likely there will not be a lot of natural light, so take that into account.  Make sure to protect your walls and floors from humidity also.

Return on Investment Grade: B