Addititions – There a lot of features that an addition can apply to.  A two story addition, a garage addition, a master suite addition, a family room addition, a bathroom addition.  All of these are achievable through Henn & Nardini Contracting.  Not only do you meet your needs with any of these projects, you also will see a good return on investment through either home equity, or value when you go to sell your home.  If any of these, or other additions are something you have on your mind, please feel free to contact us..

The Process: Additions are exciting projects not only for the home owner, but for us also.  A lot of time the home owner usually starts our conversation like this: “I was thinking of adding a….” We love hearing this, we know the home owner has a base idea on their project but we also know that we’ll be able to give them some input on the project also.  From there we start taking dimensions, getting a schedule together, and working on a design.  After we iron out all the specifics and paperwork, the actual construction starts.  t.

Tips:  Think of what you’re lacking in your household that meets you and/or your families needs first, then compare it to what the other houses in the neighborhood has.  Obviously if you’re looking into additions you already have something in mind, but doing this might reinforce your decision to put on an addition!

Return on Investment Grade: A+