Step #1:

Design Process Contact Us

Call, E-Mail, or Fill out Contact Form

The first step is to give us a call, send us an email, or fill out our contact form. You will receive a timely response from one of the owners to set up a meeting.

Step #2:

Design Process Initial Meeting

Initial Meeting

During the initial meeting we will establish what you are trying to accomplish in your project.  We brainstorm together some ideas and show some of our previous projects to help give you ideas and then tailor them to your situation.  We will also establish a rough budget, and time frame.

Step #3:

NJ Home Improvement Contractor 3d modeling

Your Detailed Estimate

After we work on the estimate, we will call you to make another appointment so we can sit down and go over, the cost, a schedule, exactly what your project includes, and a 3D design.  After going over the 3D design, we will compliment it by showing you the 3D design while standing right in front of the prospective project area.  This really gives our clients a great visual of how their project will look.

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